After a year of tests, we’re glad to present the Kunda, a new musical instrument, based on the resonances of the steel already used to produce the echoic sound of the Vision handpan.

The strings on the bottom side allow to play it upside down, using a pick, fingers or little sticks.

The great resonances between strings and handpan notes guarantees a very long and echoic sustain, a unique and warm sound never explored before.

It’s also possible to play it standing up, using the shoulder strap we give with the instrument.

Finally, today we open the first waiting list to purchase the new Kunda. This list is very small: only 10 Kunda available, so be quick to submit your order to make sure to have one!

How the waiting list works?

You can chose between 7 sound models:

  • INTEGRAL E:      (E) – B C D E F# G A B
  • JIBUK:                   (E) A B C# D E F# G B
  • LOTUS:                  (F) Bb C D E F G A C
  • EQUINOX F:        (F) Ab C C# Eb F G Ab C
  • SERENITY:           (F#) Bb B C# Eb F F# Ab Bb
  • ORION:                  (G) A B C D E F# G A
  • NIRVANA:             (G) D Eb F G A Bb C D

The price is 2000 €, and it comes with soft bag, shoulder strap, two picks, tuning key, instruction manual.

We decided to not ship the Kunda, so to purchase it, you have to pick it up by person. We prefer to meet our customers by person, even to teach how to play and take care of the instrument.

The first Kunda will be ready in one month circa, but you will receive an email with the updated production time when you confirm your order.

To complete your order please click here: